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“Creatives successfully took our social media presence to the next level. Their expertise in the field and their limitless creativity enabled us to use our social channels to not only reinforce our 360 campaign, but also to grow our online community through personalized content, top notch execution and very professional community management. It is a true pleasure to work with them!”

Silvia Herrero, Marketing Manager Northern Europe | easyJet

“Creatives really listened to our needs. They knew how to understand our problems and proposed well-adapted solutions, whether that was design related or a question of strategy. Their young and dynamic team was very reactive to our demands, enabling us to always meet our deadlines. From a startup perspective, we can say that Creatives was the ideal partner for us, and we are satisfied knowing we can count on their competent and professional team.”

Laura Blanchard, HR & Marketing | H.Glass

“We were not entirely sure what “Le Stagiaire” project would be when we started… all we knew was that we wanted to create a few short videos in the style of YouTube tutorials. Creatives understood exactly what we were looking for and brought the idea to life in a way that was perfectly aligned with our vision. As the project evolved, we discovered new ways of working around each episode and our thinking has matured enormously thanks to the guidance provided by Creatives and the production

Eva Matoua, Internet Director | Conforama

“As of the first time we met, Creatives was able to identify the marketing potential we could develop
through our history and our identity. We were able to talk marketing before discussing design, which made the execution possibilities so much simpler and more logical. Their creativity and extensive expertise allowed us to communicate our DNA on another level, and to give our line and products a modern facelift. This was done rigorously and with professionalism with regards to the project
management and to deadlines. It is a great pleasure to work with people who - like us - are passionate about what they do.”

Gabriel Hasler, Founder | Brasserie Dr. Gab's

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