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With over 40 years of history and 19 branch offices in Switzerland, Conforama is a key player in today’s Swiss furniture industry. Creatives has been working with the Swiss branch of Conforama since 2015 on their digital communications strategy and the management of their Facebook page, destined to reach both French and
German-speaking audiences.


While Conforama has strong brand awareness in the Swiss market, they were looking to build a stronger emotional connection with their customers, so Creatives proposed an innovative Facebook promotional campaign to help them accomplish their goals. Previously, Conforama
had always focused their communications around special promotions and specific products, but with this campaign Creatives helped the company take on a different, lighter tone that still remained true to their brand identity. The campaign targeted a younger audience and focused on the brand’s quality, while still preserving their competitive pricing and product presentation in the market.


Creatives chose to develop an episodic web series for Facebook, taking inspiration from the current comedic “talking head” phenomenon that has been making waves on social media. These simple but dynamic videos led to the idea behind “The Intern” (La Stagiaire): a young, very
motivated (yet very incompetent) employee takes viewers behind-the-scenes at Conforama. While following the intern’s hilarious adventures in each episode, audiences inadvertently also learn about the wide variety of products sold in Conforama stores.


Producing a purposefully ridiculous web series is both an innovative and a subtle way to promote commercial products. The concept is particularly pertinent because it was designed for Facebook, a social channel that is known for reaching large young audiences. Using Facebook as a distribution channel also allowed for highly effective
targeted carousel advertising; audiences who had seen the video were retargeted while browsing Facebook with advertising banners featuring the same products they had seen in the videos.  


One of the core challenges was to ensure the project reached both French-speaking and German-speaking audiences, so each episode was produced and distributed by Creatives in both French and German. The web series kicked off in July 2016 and featured 12 regularly released episodes, each between 2-3 minutes long.


All in all the series resulted in some exciting statistics, reaching over 930,000 unique visitors, accumulating more than 530,000 views, and generating an impressive CPM of 2-4 CHF (benchmark = 8 CHF).


• Production & Conception : Jonathan Viey & Robin Chessex
• Project Managers : Danièle Schwartz & Delphine Carrupt
• Account Manager : Luca Romanelli
• Copywriting : Tatiana Yukaluf
• Translation : Eva-Maria Wildenauer

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