After a rebranding in 2016 and the launch of a new product, a beer called ‘SWAF’, in 2017, Dr. Gab's and Creatives are still working together. In early 2018, the brewery moved into new premises in Puidoux and Creatives naturally supported it in this new adventure.


To meet the growing demand from its clients, Dr. Gab's decided to move to new, larger and better-equipped premises, which will enable it to increase its annual brewing volume to 20,000 hl. Creatives has been completely free to let its creativity speak for itself in order for the 1,500 m² of the new brewery to meet the communication objectives set by Dr. Gab's.


Our mission? Make sure the premises are ready and meet the three communication objectives set by Dr. Gab’s on inauguration day, on June 30th, 2018:
Highlight the brewery's historical legacy since the beginning in 2001;
- Position Dr. Gab's as expert brewer;
- Reinforce brand image as key partner for aperitifs.
The new premises were still under construction when the project was launched, leaving us plenty of room for creativity!


For this big project, Creatives could count on the multidisciplinary skills of its team: site visits to the construction areas, analysis of plans and a massive design and creative work in order to imagine how we could use the available surface in the most effective way.

Goal n°1

To highlight the brewery's historical legacy, we imagined a wall made of wooden boxes intended to display a full range of bottles, from the first ones to the current ones, and some iconic objects. We also displayed anecdotes throughout the public section as well as some archival photos hidden behind wooden boxes and visible only through small holes. At last, in collaboration with the illustrator Emy Amstein, we also produced a series of 4 videos posted on Facebook, describing the major stages of the brewery’s evolution.

Goal N°2

To position Dr. Gab's as expert brewer, we created didactic signs with the aim of helping visitors better understand the brewing process. At the beginning of the tour, four 2-meter-high columns show the basic ingredients (water, malt, hop, yeast) and right next to it, a 4x6-meters mural describes the main brewing steps. Visitors can also find this signs in front of the corresponding tanks and have a look at a summary at the end of the tour.

Goal N°3

The tour ends with the tasting area called ‘L' apérothèque’ that we used to showcase Dr. Gab's as THE key partner for aperitifs. Visitors are invited to drop the capsule of the beer they have just tasted in a 2x2-meters Plexiglas box to leave their mark and contribute to Dr. Gabs’ success story.


At the same time, Creatives' mission was also to organize a special tour for press and influencers during the open day on June 30th. From selecting the influencers, creating an original invitation, elaborating a special mechanism for the influencers contest to contacting the media: we took care of everything!


- 1,200 visitors during the launching event on 30.06.2018
- 12,000 video views on Facebook
- 6 releases in the press
- 35,000 impressions on Instagram   


- Creative Director: Mathieu Fouvy
- Art Director: Chloé Laugier
- Project Management: Quentin de Lattre & Bastien Marty
- Graphic Designers: Stéphanie Etienne, Jorge Petrov, Agnès Schüpbach & Marius Parisod
- Illustrator: Emy Amstein
- Copywriter: Robin Chessex
- Video Production: Robin Chessex & Pablo Del Pedro
- Voice Over: Jean-Patrick Perrin
- Web Dev: Alan Pilloud

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