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The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) which reports directly to the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) is the center of expertise for all telecommunications, media and mail issues. As part of its mission, OFCOM wanted to develop a new communication tool dedicated to digitalization
challenges and that is how the Federal Office and Creatives started working together.


Focused on the future and well aware of the challenges posed by society digitalization, OFCOM wanted to set up an official platform that can act as a forum: www.digitaldialog.swiss. The main purpose of this tool is to encourage discussion around digital revolution, to collect data allowing statistics compilation and to communicate on various events, including the national conference that took place on November 20th. Once briefed with all the above elements, Creatives started developing the platform from scratch.


For several months, our digital team supported OFCOM in the realization
of its project. Thanks to the ‘Agile’ method we worked with, Creatives was able to stay attentive to the client's needs at every stage of the project, from the prioritization of information to user scenarios and design, and the development of the platform itself. This close collaboration enabled the agency to deliver a quality product tailored to the OFCOM’s needs. In addition, as OFCOM chose the ‘Drupal’ content management system, OFCOM employees are now able to update the
website content themselves.


The platform is a real success, with its sleek design tailored to the OFCOM’s visual identity. Since the launch last september, they have registered 15,000 visits. It also enabled the Federal Office to collect testimonials and articles from several influencers in the field of digitalization in Switzerland. They are active within the federal administration sector, economic field, civil society and scientific community and contribute to digital transformation in this
country. And regarding the national conference that was mostly promoted on the forum, it gathered 150,000 participants.


- UX & Web Design : Mathieu Croset
- Web Dev : Alan Pilloud
- Account Manager : Cayan Frey

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